Why do we need sponsors?  Because this is a big show, a high quality show, Alma's most ambitious production to date!  We've been promising you something great for this year, and now here it is!  We're utilizing some of Chicago's best professional musicians to form the band for this four week run, and we've booked the acoustically divine setting of the Cabaret Room at Davenport's.  Needless to say, we wouldn't have a prayer at pulling this off without the financial support of our wonderful friends and sponsors, to whom we are eternally grateful!!!
Corporate sponsors will receive a printed ad in the playbill,
and web links on the Thou Shalt Rock web page.

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Individual contributions in any amount are also most welcome!

If not using PayPal, or if you need more info, please e-mail Alma at

THANK YOU for supporting Alma, Dan, all the musicians, and live music in Chicago!!!